Implement these 3 radical steps to embracing more feminine leadership in your work day

Implement these 3 radical steps to embracing more feminine leadership in your work day

There's no denying that women are more exhausted, burnt out, and hormonally f*cked than ever.

One of the main reasons for this is the hyper-masculine persona that we put on. It takes us out of alignment and into a place where we feel drained, heavy, and constricted/tense in our bodies. 


It doesn't increase creativity, happiness, sexual desire, confidence, or connection, which are often the things many of us long for. 


Now, most of us cannot just quit our jobs and grow carrots and look after baby chickens throughout the day, so we need to bring a modern solution. 

Maybe you LOVE your 'heady' or 'masculine' job and would never be able to quit it. Or perhaps you've just been working too hard, and you need to have a moment to remember these essential tips I'm about to share with you. 

No matter where you are on the spectrum of exhaustion, I want you to remember that as women, our nervous systems cannot cope with the same about of stress, energy output, and 'on' hours as men. So we need to honor that as a gift and let ourselves rest to be our most aligned and optimal selves. It doesn't mean men are 'stronger' or 'better'. If you see it that way, that's your own insecurity around your strength and value. 


This is about instead being honest about your own biology as a woman and working WITH it instead of against it. 


Use your intuition more when making business decisions. What feels right? Even if it doesn't make sense to you logically, whatever feels right, you'll be able to 'back' more and do a better job with it. It takes the decision-making away from the battle in your head, and you get to trust that answer that gets you in your body. Not only will it yield better results, you'll also be saving time.



Take multiple breaks throughout your day to just breathe and 'be.' Make a cup of tea, sit down, and do nothing for 10 minutes. Go put your feet in the grass and soak up the sun. GO walk around the block without your phone. Close your laptop for 5 minutes and meditate.



Know that help is *sexy*. What are some things you could pass off to someone else? Even if you don't "want to" -- hello ego. Because the woman that you want to do it all, just not by herself. There is no possible way that I could do everything I want and not have help. I wouldn't be sleeping.


We do have a limit on the number of hours in a day, and so you must be using them in the way that you get the highest ROI. If you're not a coder, yet you're spending 10 hours a day trying to code your new website, and you're trying to fit in a healthy lifestyle, going out on dates, having hot sex, cooking homemade meals, talking to friends and sell online to make money .... that just literally cannot happen.