5 Ways to ensure your relationship will withstand the test of time

5 Ways to ensure your relationship will withstand the test of time
I always get asked, "Monica, what even is a good relationship?"
I get asked that question all the time. Increasingly, in fact, as navigating dating has become so much more difficult in our modern world. And then you add factors like him working and/or earning less than you, both working from home, etc. It's become really challenging, and I hear that. You must be so intentional nowadays to build and sustain a healthy relationship. This is definitely not easy, but it is so fulfilling.
So what are the green flags you need to prioritize if you desire a healthy, fulfilling, romantic relationship, that will withstand the long haul?
  1. Intimacy in Conversation - You are present. You want to understand the other person fully. You make them feel supported and loved even if you don't 100% agree with their opinion. You can have a difference of opinions and still uphold intimacy and understanding.
  2. Physical Intimacy - Prioritizing physical intimacy and embracing moments that come along on their own is so important. You don't just plan your sex life, making it a chore, allowing it to lose its spice. You must prioritize being present in those intimate moments so that they can become even bigger.
  3. Deep Communication - This is not something that another person can replace. When you have deep, vulnerable communication, it creates a safe space between you that cannot be replaced. Within that space, you make them feel seen and unconditionally loved. Keyword: unconditionally. You support them in their ambitions, their dreams, and their desires. You are completely honest with them, and you share your heart fully.
  4. Don't make any of the following a routine: sex, saying 'I love you,' and date nights. Put effort and energy into these parts of your relationship. When you make it a routine, the excitement dies down, and the value and appreciation of it die down. For example, when you say goodbye and shout, "Love you!" "Love you!" "Love you!" every time you run out the door - sorry, but that's not giving effort or energy. Pause. Feel it and embrace it fully. Try, "I ... fucking love... the heck out of you!" See the difference? Don't forget the pause to become fully present with it.
  5. Understanding your relationship with money and how that affects the polarity of your relationship. Money needs to be an open conversation, so nothing gets swept under the carpet and bubbles up later. Does your partner tie money with being the provider? How do you talk about money? Do you resent him for not making more? What else is going on in your relationship to money that could affect your relationship and its polarity (meaning: him being in his masculine and you being in your feminine)?


If you do make more money than he does, then you need to get The Feminine Female Breadwinner, like stat. F*ck money being a problem in your relationship. Money brings freedom and beautiful experiences, and relaxation into your life. I don't want money bringing problems into your life. That's so unnecessary. You don't need to feel shame, or stress, or worry about your success. I want you to feel like you can continue to be successful AND have the most fulfilling relationship in which your man is being a man, and you are in your feminine. You get to have that, and it is possible for you.

A really quick way to f*ck up a relationship is to take each other for granted. So check in with yourself and with each other to ensure you are not creating unfair expectations, taking them for granted, only conditionally loving them, and not seeing their desires and 


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