What feminine leadership *ACTUALLY* means (hint - it's not about baths at 1pm)

What feminine leadership *ACTUALLY* means (hint - it's not about baths at 1pm)

Whilst I'm not in support of the conditions behind being a girlboss (over working, hustling, surviving on coffee, sacrificing happiness for work and success), I'm also NOT for being so relaxed that some would question your work ethic and commitment level. 

There, of course is a balance. Feminine leadership also doesn't mean taking strolls at 2pm on a Wednesday (most of the time) . So's break down what is NOT feminine leadership...


Thinking that working less hours = feminine leadership

Feminine leadership isn't about working less necessarily (unless that's your desire). Feminine Leadership is about work from a place of joy, desire, creativity, love and ease. If you can work 10 hours a day in this state and you want to, then i say go for it! If that's not you, then create a work style that works for you. Just understand this, working less does not automatically mean that you're in the energy of HER.


Having less masculine energy in their life (hear me out on this one)

In order for you to be HER, you have to have the masculine structure necessary to allow your nervous system to feel safe to be in your feminine. When a woman doesn't have enough masculine structure in her world (often combined with a lack of safety in being in her feminine), you'll notice that she's frazzled, edge, bitter, angry, short-tempered, and stressed very often. So when you're trying to 'do it all,' yet you don't have the plans, habits, systems, routines, and structures in'll find it 10x harder to do.


Being SOOOOO in their feelings and energy that they come across as inauthentic and not grounded, rooted, or like a trust worthy source -- ouch!

Sometimes the "feminine energy stuff" can get a bad rap when you have this idea in your head that you have to be all "love and light", floating around in white dresses and having perfectly curled hair. I'm not about this. I'll wear a white dress with nicely curled hair, but when you aren't rooted in humanness and being real, it can come across as very inauthentic, "bypassy", and spineless. Often people are repelled by this because the lack of authenticity actually breeds a feeling of insecurity.


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