Feminine Business Myths that are NOT true

Feminine Business Myths that are NOT true


It’s come to my attention that people are watching other successful business owners that are ‘in their feminine’ and thinking now that all they have to do to attract clients is post once, meditate and masturbate and then they’ve tried. And if no clients come, it’s not meant to be and try something else.⁠⁠


Let's break these down.

"always do what feels right." -- so those days that you just can't be bothered, you should just cancel your clients and not show up on stories? No. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you want to build success people have to trust you. If you do not show up with a backbone, you ain't getting my truth.

  • You cannot grow a business without putting in hours. When women say " I run my business from my feminine and work 4 hours a week" i'm like yeah maybe NOW but you can't sell people on that because you have to put in the BLOOD before you get to that point. People that make a lot of money in their business work hard. I've continued to make a lot of money because i'm consistently putting in the hours that are required so that people feel like they can trust me to then hire me or buy a program. They want to KNOW that it'll help them before they buy it. And that takes hours and work. I show them through all my free content that I'm really good at my job and i'm a safe investment. It's the masculine structure that gives you the feminine flow.  


  • Yes call them in energetically, but you also need to invite them in. You need to market and you need to be visible or they will not care about hiring you. You need ACTION and some 'strategy' that FEELS GOOD in order for people to actually feel like you have a legit business and aren't just fluffing about and not taking the customers investment seriously.


  • This is just a way to be lazy and then blame it on 'it wasn't meant to be.' Some things aren't meant to be. But if you don't put effort into your business in the first 2-3 years (I mean EFFORT) then you'll never know if you were just being lazy or if it actually wasn't meant to be. Part of manifestation is ACTION.


  • Being in your feminine WITH masculine structure (consistency, direction, determination). If you are only in your feminine and your business has shit customer service, a lack of direction for clients, no systems and operations ... are your clients going to feel very supported during their experience? Unlikely. You'll actually LOSE growth if you have no direction, discernment, planning and discipline for yourself. In order for you to be successful IN your feminine, you need a masculine container.


Please please please don’t look at other people on Instagram and think they just float around all day and never sit at their desk and still make a million dollars. Theres’ a lot that goes on BTS and in The Feminine CEO, I teach you it ALL. Not only do you get healing related to business things but you also get every details, tool and strategy that I have implemented in my business back in 2019, all the way until now. 

One of the biggest loads of horse 💩 is the "feminine business scam" where basically they forgot to mention that 1) the masculine structure is VITAL and share what that actually is 2) they don't have a highly professional business yet you want one (hint: not the right biz mentor for you then) 3) they grew their business to make $x a year because they did it in their Masculine and NOWWWW they're all "feminine." -- Can you see the inconsistency?

If someone else is teaching you how to build a business "in your feminine" .. "like they did" but they actually built it hustling .... then they CANNOT help you build your business in your feminine. THey'll try, but it'll likely not work because they haven't done it before. and SECOND, You cannot BUILD a business completely in your feminine.

Here is the key that i'll never stop harping on about --- you can ONLY be in your feminine in business IF YOU HAVE MASCULINE.

Not icky things that don’t feel good of course.

But you need to feel like there’s a man holding you in your business

or your feminine will not be expressed in a stable way.