We need to talk about something...

Let me guess, you’ve tried everything but you STILL find yourself wishing you could put a pin in your stomach and have it deflate like a balloon and/or that you’d be able wake up with clear skin instead of always having breakouts that feel uncontrollable.

I got you ;)

Say hello to my new HEALING CLASSES that are healing the things no one is talking about…

Did you know? Gut issues are linked to your sense of safety.

Did you know? The condition of your skin can reflect fears and stored emotions?

It’s about time for you to experience good digestion and a glowing complexion.

Does this resonate?

You’ve been trying everything to heal your skin issues but nothing is working
When you think about not being bloated or having a breakout, it feels like something from another universe.
You’ve seen every naturopath under the sun, and whilst some things have relieved their skin, it hasn’t cured it
You’ve been struggling with acne for a while and they’re getting really frustrated with how much it’s affecting their life
When you’re bloated or have a bad stomach, it throws off you’re whole day, and your confidence goes down the toilet.
You’re bloody exhausted by nothing working.

"Often when you've tried changing the food you eat, adding supplements and still nothing is working ... it's because it's an energetic/emotional issue"


Of women suffer from adult acne in their adult life


of adults have atopic dermatitis


of US adults (20 years and older) have psoriasis 

The Skin Healing
class is for you if:

  • Ever since covid, you’re skin/gut hasn’t been the same. You now struggle with acne and/or getting bloated often.
  • Your skin issues are lowering your confidence levels and making them feel like the ugly duckling.
  • When your skin is great, life is great - but it’s short-lived as then something seems to cause it to flare up again.

The Gut Healing class is for you if...

  • You struggle to lose those few kilos from around your stomach. It just won’t budge and it looks/feels kind of ‘puffy’
  • Your gut issues affect your ability to feel sexy and turned on in the bedroom (K, we NEED to eliminate this!!)
  • You’ve been doing all the right things for your gut, but you’re still often bloated, have bowel issues, and find yourself having to be SO CAUTIOUS of what you’re eating


Empowered in knowing what the issue was

Ease, as you know what to continue to do to really lock in this new glowing skin, or healthy gut

Like a weight has been taken off your shoulders as you can finally rest in knowing that you have answers

Relief as you have a simple, doable action plan that will work for YOU and YOUR BODY

Connected and grateful for your body and the messages that it gives you

SAFe knowing exactly what to do if your skin and/or gut has a flare-up

ready, With the exact supplements and daily practices that I USE (and that my clients use) to maintain a healthy gut and clear skin. 


of people worldwide have IBS, and it’s 1.5 times more prevalent in young women than men


People between North America and Europe are affected by Crohn's disease


of US adults suffer from bloating in any given week, more commonly women


of people are affected by leaky gut and don’t even know it

I want you to know that it’s 100% possible NOT to be bloated 24/7 and experience clear skin as your normal. 


If you’ve tried all the things to heal your skin and/or gut with supplements and food but things aren’t yet as good as you want them to be, the next step is energetic work.

Your body is always communicating with you. Constant bloating isn’t normal, so when you can heal and re-align the energy that’s off, it’ll completely transform your gut.

Your skin is telling you something with the breakouts, rashes, eczema etc., you just have to learn how to get the message and then heal the root of your skin issues.

These two masterclasses are separate; however, I highly recommend that you come to both if you’re having skin issues. The gut has such a strong link to the skin, so there may be something that needs to be healed in your gut that will highly influence your skin. 


Your gut is linked to your sense of safety, so even though you may live in a perfectly ‘safe’ environment, the reality is that many of us have gone through an intense amount of stress during 2020/21 and are still harboring that along with modern day life.

Whilst you might be feeling happy, safe, and health-conscious, your body could be feeling a very thing.


Your skin is linked to your ability to express emotions, be seen, safety being seen, and any fears that you have about being beautiful. Many women hold subconscious fears around being beautiful, being seen, or being fully expressed, and it causes our skin to literally create a protective barrier around us so that we hide.

Additionally, you might think that your life is all rainbows and butterflies but don’t be shocked to know that many of my clients with skin issues unrelated to a fear of being seen have stored emotions in their bodies since childhood that has continued to bottle up over time, causing major skin issues as their body is literally trying to push out these big feelings.

In these two masterclasses, which you’ll have access to forever, I’ll be guiding you through different somatic modalities that will support you in fully addressing the root issue of the energy blocks that are causing you to have these uncomfortable physical manifestations. 



NO. 01

Fix the breakouts, bloat or both?

Choose which class you wish to attend.
NO. 02

Take stock of where you're at

Tune into Monica's latest podcast episodes and take stock of where you're at with your gut and/or skin. What are you currently doing to prevent their skin and gut issues and what can they already start changing just from the podcast episodes? Use this as a benchmark to see how the usage of the reccomendations and healing from the class radically changes things for you.
NO. 03

Prepare for change

Attending the masterclass is bound to change your life. And your sex life ;)



Gut & Skin Healing Bundle

Best Value!

LIVE! Skin Clearing Masterclass
LIVE! Gut Healing Masterclass
The supplements and practises that you can be doing daily for optimal health
1 Payment of $529

Gut Healing

LIVE! 60 min masterclass for healing the energetic issues showing up in your gut
A guide of practices and supplements that you can be taking for a stomach that doesn't disrupt your sex life ;)
1 Payment of $297

Skin Clearing

LIVE! 60 min masterclass for healing the energetic issues showing up in your skin
A guide of practices and supplements that you can be taking for a glowing complexion
1 Payment of $297


When are the masterclasses?

The Skin Healing Masterclass takes place on Friday, May 5 at 3:30 PM ET (NYC TIME)

The Gut Healing Masterclass takes place on Tuesday, May 9 at 4 PM ET (NYC TIME)

What if I can't make it LIVE to the masterclasses?

The masterclasses will be recorded and the replay will be emailed to you.

How is this different from other masterclasses?

The main difference is that this is actually what I call a 'healing' class. And what I mean by this is that this is not a class where you're going to be learning a bunch of things. That's what my podcast is for. This is a class that we are going to be focusing on healing the energetic and emotional things that are stored in your gut or are stored in other areas of your body that are causing your gut to be disrupted.

What’s the healing component of these ‘healing’ classes?

I will be using a combination of my different 'Monica modalities', that I've developed over the last 6 years that I've been using with clients. Essentially what we will be doing is I will be guiding you to figure out your 'individual triggers' that are causing your gut and, or skin to be communicating with you through whatever disruption that you're experiencing. So by the end of the call, not only will you have this healing process that you've done to help clear the issue, you will also know what is causing the energetic issues in your skin or your gut issues so that you can prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

How long are the masterclasses?

The masterclasses are 60 minutes, but please block 90 in case we go a bit over.

Can you guarantee results?

Monica can't guarantee results for the masterclasses, because everyone who attends has a role to play on their end in creating the results - ie. will you implement it? Will you follow through? She can't guarantee what you're going to do on your end, so therefore can't guarantee specific results.

What she CAN say, confidently, is that she's helped hundreds of women create results in releasing energetic weight, and you are no different to them. We ALL have this opportunity available to us, and it's possible for ANYONE to heal. It's just about what you do to follow through on your own end.

If I were you, I'd definitely come to the masterclasses because you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can revisit the recordings again & again & again to support you in creating the results you ultimately desire. And again - since she's created this end result for all of these other women, the only thing that is different is what YOU do at home.

Monica is going to do her bit, and you have to do your bit.

Will I be able to ask questions in the 'healing' classes?

I can't guarantee that we will have time for questions, but I can say the content will be very comprehensive. I am however, hosting a Q&A in the BTS Bubble a few weeks after the masterclasses are done where I will answer questions for about 30 minutes for anyone who has any follow-up questions from the masterclasses. You can Join the BTS Bubble here: https://monicayateshealth.com/pages/monicas-bts-bubble

If I’ve done Queen Alchemy or 1:1 work with you will I feel like I’ve done this work before? Is it still worth it for me?

If you've done 1:1 work with me before and we've done work around your skin and your gut, then do not come to these masterclasses unless you want a top up. It will be similar work that we've already done, but if you're looking for a refresher, 100% come and join us.

If you've done Queen alchemy, I would still recommend coming. Unless you've done a 1:1 with me where we focused on healing your skin or healing your gut, there is no specific healing work around your gut or your skin in the program/mini trauma calls. If you are struggling with skin or gut issues, then I'd be coming to this because it is specifically focused on just that.

If you've been a one on one client in the past and you are like, fuck finding that chunk of healing work we did in the however many calls we did together, you might want to come to this call, not only for a top up, but also because it is concisely packaged into these calls which is easy to find for you.

Bottom line, in my opinion, if you are having some gut issues or skin issues, you are never going to not benefit from a top up of this work So if you are in that mindset of, I want help and I know that I've had amazing results from Monica in the past, then 100% come.

Should I do the Gut Masterclass for my stomach issues or keep saving for Queen Alchemy?

Queen Alchemy and the Gut Healing Masterclass are completely separate and different offerings. They complement each other beautifully, but ultimately are different. That being said - QA is going to go into healing trauma of all kinds (which will support you in healing your stomach issues), whereas this masterclass is going to go into specifically focusing on healing your stomach issues & gut health.

The gut healing masterclass is $297, QA is $4,444.

Saving for QA is always a brilliant idea; the program is next level & SO worth it. The next round doesn’t start until September - if you want to start healing your stomach issues now, the masterclass would be a perfect option while you continue to save for QA.

I've been struggling with bloating and or skin issues, but I haven't changed my diet or implemented any supplements yet. Should I still come or should I do that first?

This is a pretty individual question because it totally depends on what your diet is like and on what has triggered these skin issues/gut issues because your diet could be the reason.

But if you have a healthy good diet and take supplements but nothing is budging, then it's likely and energetic issue.

If you're not confident in what is best for you, then you can send an email to Olivia at support@monicayateshealth.com and we'll help answer your questions!

But as a blanket statement, if you eat a pretty shitty diet, you eat gluten, you eat dairy, you eat vegetable oils pretty often, you are not taking supplements and you've done no gut health work in the past, then you would want to be looking in to either my 'Your Perfect Period' program (https://monicayateshealth.com/pages/your-perfect-period-program) and/ or a Mini 1:1 package (https://monicayateshealth.com/pages/mini1on1) so that we can focus on those things first.

This isn't to say you shouldn't come to these masterclasses, it's just please keep a mental note that obviously your diet and your nutrient deficiencies are going to influence your skin and your gut health. So please keep that in mind, but you wouldn't lose by coming. It's just that booking in for a Mini 1:1 with me or doing 'Your Perfect Period', for example, would be of great benefit for your journey of healing your skin and all your gut.