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My Feminine Morning Routine

My Feminine Morning Routine

We read about and see morning routines shared on social media literally all the time. We hear about how important they are, and we’re told what we should be doing every day when we wake up. 

…and now I’m going to cheekily share my routine with you all through the same mediums, BUT I promise this isn’t a “do as I say” sort of routine — it’s about finding what works for you as an individual and what works for your feminine flow.

So, here are the four things that my feminine morning routine:


Without a doubt, every single morning, you’ll find me drinking green tea. It's a must, it's a non-negotiable. I'm obsessed with green tea and honestly, it also supports those perfect morning poos ;) We ALL know that level of satisfaction.


When I'm traveling I take green tea with me like my life depends on it. I always have a green tea bag in my handbag, and Yogi is my favorite because it doesn’t go bitter. And you know what? You’ll find some chamomile in my handbag too, actually — it’s a necessity.


This is where the flow is in my morning routine. Sometimes I'll journal and meditate, and other times my mornings consist of reading and editing my book (which has been the general morning vibe lately as i'm working on draft 2). I’m always doing at least one of the following:

  • journalling
  • meditation
  • reading
  • starting out the window and soaking in gratitude


I love having options and flow because I do not believe in strict morning routines. 4 am wake ups? I don’t know them. They are just not my thing.

I love a good morning routine to set my day up for success, but there has to be flexibility and feminine flow in it in order for it to succeed. 

Anything that is super strict is frankly unsustainable, and in my opinion should not even be attempted by a woman because it’s just not going to last. Committing to a super strict routine is setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, you want a morning routine that feels nourishing to your body. You want a routine that accounts for normal human changes in life that may mean that you cannot get up at 4 am or journal every single day.

One of the number one mistakes I see women making (that comes up in our sessions a lot), is trying to move through their day like a man.

You cannot expect yourself to have the same morning routine when you’re ovulating that you have when you’re in your luteal phase.

You can set yourself up for success as a woman when you blend your inherent need for flow and change with discipline in doing the things that you know will make you feel good.

Sometimes for me it looks like working from bed as soon as I wake up, and other times it looks like two hours of reading and journaling — the one constant is that my morning routine is never the same each day.


90% of the time I include exercise in my morning routine. Whether it's pilates, a walk, or an infrared sauna. Movement in the morning signals to my body that it's the start of the day and I just love the feeling of blood pumping through my body. It wakes me up and truly gets me pumped for the day ahead!

Of course some mornings include a harder workout than others, but I'm always committed to some kind of movement. Even if it's 10 minutes of pilates, or 5 minutes of jumping jacks (which is what I do the morning of my event days), it counts as a workout to me. I don't workout for the sake of burning calories, I exercise for my digestive system, mindset, and overall blood circulation.


Finally, I'll shower and get ready for the day! As you know from my IG stories, I dress up 90% of my days even though I work from home. I'll put effort into my hair, throw some makeup on, and put on a cute outfit. While sometimes on a Friday I'm hanging out in gym gear, the reality is that dressing up for your work day is an easy and pleasurable way to increase your level of success that day. 

We all know that there's a mood shift when you put on an outfit that makes you feel a certain way. So, I dress for success and then go downstairs to make a protein and healthy fat-filled breakfast of eggs and avocado. Plus, I take my supplements, which you can find on my favorite products page.

So, there you have it: my feminine morning routine.

I keep my morning routine flexible with a few foundational pieces in the structure so that I can feel my best every day, and not have my morning routine being a stressful, pressure filled situation. If you've read this and you're like, "ugh I wish i could have a flexible morning routine without feeling like i've failed on what I "should" do," then you need to join Queen Alchemy.

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xx Monica