Money Mindset Work

Money Mindset Work


Money is the number one source of stress for many people and also one of the top reasons for divorce. So, to me, this is something that has to be worked on. In order to do that, though, you have to heal your relationship with money first. 


For those of you who don't know, I used to have a really f*cked up relationship with money. With this scarcity mindset, I would hold onto it so tightly to the point where I skipped breakfast because it was cheaper not to eat it. Instead, I would have a coffee and then lunch. This actually stems from growing up with a lot of scarcity. 


Though I did grow up in a well-off situation—I went to a great school, had a roof over my head, and had food on the table—money wasn't the issue. BUT I was fed the programming that money is something you don't just spend. You hold on to it tight. Essentially, it was like hoarding. 


However, once I worked on healing my relationship with money, I started to see the value of things—for example, the value in paying extra money to buy healthy produce or to fly first class. I started to see it as not losing money but instead valuing it as in my health, my sleep, whatever it may be. 


I do not limit myself in any capacity because of money, but I STILL respect it. 


You need to respect money because there is another side to hoarding it—overspending. You might have an addiction to spending money because you don't feel safe actually holding the money. 


So, where do you start? I want you to answer these questions for me and even write them down as you journal. 


💸 When you think about money, how do you feel? 

💸 When you make money, and it comes into your account, what do you think, feel, and do?

💸 How do you feel about other people who have more money than you?


I ask myself these questions whenever I want to break through my next glass ceiling. No matter whether you've done a lot of healing work around money if you already have a good relationship with money when you want to get to the next level, it requires a different version of yourself. It requires you to relate to money in a new way. So, I always (and I encourage you too, no matter what position with your relationship in money you are) come back to these basic ideas and questions. 


Answering these questions WILL make you think about your decisions, and decisions are everything. You can literally change your energy in this moment by simply changing your decision. 


Worthiness is also very wrapped up with money and how we allow ourselves, or don't, to spend. So, if you do not feel worthy to have money, hold money, be wealthy, make money, get a pay raise, etc., then why would you have it? 


If you do not feel deserving of wearing nice clothes, going holidays, whatever it may be... you're not going to attract it in. 


So... know what you want to spend your money on can help ATTRACT money in because it has a purpose. 


Consciously, you might be like, "But Monica, I want more money." But I am telling you right now, subconsciously, your body, viscerally or semantically, doesn't want it. 


💸 So why don't you want money?


That is actually a really powerful question to ask yourself. Think about how your relationship with money manifests in your life. 

But consciously, you're like, but Monica, I want more money. Like you're listening to this podcast. Do you want more money coming in? You would like greater levels of wealth, but the reason why you're not attracting it in isn't necessarily because you consciously don't want it. But I'm telling you right now, there's probably a reason unconsciously, viscerally, semantically in your body why you don't want it. 


💸 So why do you not want money?

💸 What are you worried, concerned, and fearful of in regards to having more money?


After you write these down, I want you to challenge them. 

💸 If that fear actually came true, could you survive? 

💸 Could you bounce back and be okay?


News flash... the answer is most likely yes


Now, thinking of each of them, can you challenge them? If that fear actually came true, could you survive? Could you bounce back and be okay? Most likely, yes.


So get over the worrying and start changing your story. Change your actions to get wealthy, especially not just in money but also in love, sex, and health, because all of those things correlate to your relationship with money.


If you want more on this topic, I go into trauma with money and so much more in Ep 367: The Missing Piece From Your Money Mindset Work & Questions to Ask Yourself if You're Ready for More


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