Are Other People's Opinions Blocking You From Your Dream Life & Success?

Are Other People's Opinions Blocking You From Your Dream Life & Success?

We are here to upgrade our lives... because we want our DREAM LIVES 💸


You and I could be grabbing a cup of coffee, and you could say, "Monica, I know I deserve this." But the reality is that questions come up about whether or not it is safe for us to do it; are we idiots for doing it, or are we smart?


The reality is that second-guessing can come straight from our own ego, but it can also result from other people's opinions. When we allow other people's opinions to sway our decisions, we are restricting ourselves from future success.


By nature, we trust our best friends or our parents and their viewpoints. Of course, not always, but most of the time, we do. So, if they make us start to feel silly or question our judgment, we start to lose our own sense of trust and that connection to our intuition—we start judging ourselves.


Think back to when you were a kid. You might have had an imaginary friend, and your parents might have thought that was "weird" because of their own beliefs. And that is fine. They will think it's weird, other kids might think it's weird, or even teachers, and that can really make the kid feel less because of it.


As a result, we disconnect from that part of ourselves. This can continue throughout the rest of your childhood into your teens when you have an experience, whether it's a logical one or not, and it gets questioned by others because of their different opinions or perspectives. When this happens, we start to lose that connection with ourselves and gaslight ourselves. We begin to question our legitimacy with what we are feeling. So, as adults, we frequently allow others' opinions to sway because it may not seem "logical" to them.




You can maintain beautiful friendships and relationships with your family and friends even if they just don't quite get it.


In order to do that, you need to start maintaining a really strong level of self-trust and a very strong level of strength, where no one can sway you to do or not do something.

We need to be very discerning about who we are talking to and the purpose of the conversation - are we asking for an opinion, a thought, or just to share ideas? And if something doesn't start to feel right in what is being shared... it is OUR responsibility to be like, "ok. thank you. don't need your opinion right now."


Everyone, we have to remember that whenever we ask for advice or receive unsolicited advice, we are getting biased, not unbiased, advice. The advice is built on that person's beliefs and perspectives of the world, which can be wildly different from ours. But the more we listen, the more those beliefs become ours. And we have to be really cognizant of that if we allow it to happen.


The point is that you want to be—no scratch that, you HAVE to be—very in alignment with your vessel, your energy, your mental and physical body so you can be free of anyone else's judgments or opinions, which turn into your own, alter your belief system, and ultimately make you gaslight yourself into not doing something that you might actually really want to do.


This is the hard truth:

When you are focusing on upleveling and upgrading yourself, you will piss people off. Your family and your friends can feel jealousy or comparison - a mirror for them to really look at themselves.


It's important to know they are not trying to be a bad person but are unaware of their actions.


What I am trying to say is:

If you want something and you're asking people for advice or thoughts and they are not giving you the supportive answer you are looking for... stop asking for advice.

It is time you listen to your own body and your intuition. Do what makes you happy, even though that can be triggering to people.


I'm not saying to never ask for advice. Still, my recommendation, especially for people who have a different opinion or view of the world than you, is to ask them once you've made your decision and promise yourself that their answer will not sway your decision because you are so committed to what you have chosen to change... and guess what people THAT AIN'T F*CKING CHANGING.