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Monica's BTS Bubble

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Wanna get MORE of the behind the scenes of things going on with Monica? The BTS Bubble shows you more than Insta for launches, energy updates, manifestation tips, wedding planning, travel content, book snippets, and more. 

Monica is giving you *more* of her energy, mindset, and vibes so that you can have shifts in your life immediately. Ever noticed that something manifested quickly as a result of you believing something different or seeing a possibility outside your realm? That's what the BTS bubble will be doing for you.

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Hey, Small Business Owner:


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  • Imagine during the day getting a text from me with a chicken nugget, a video from the streets of wherever I have traveled to, a voice memo with a reminder for the day, BTS access to my photoshoots or early bird access to new additions to the business…
  • This is honestly going to be so fun, juicy, and just a full-on-VIBE
  • Get exclusive access to bonus masterclasses, podcast episodes, nuggets, and more.
  • Get early access to events, program launches, and waitlists.
  • The BTS bubble gets the hottest tea on my personal life, more-so than any other other outlet (social media, podcast, email list).
  • For $10 a month, you will have Monica IN YOUR POCKET and be seeing, hearing, and knowing things that I don’t just post on my stories.
  • That’s $2.50 a week to be having a millionaire in your phone giving you things that you don’t get for free on her stories.
  • Remember the power of a VALUE EXCHANGE. You get more when YOU invest. It’s not about me. It’s actually about you taking the action to put money down to say “I have skin in the game” and for your energy field to receive more.
  • So for $2.50 a week, you are going to be getting a HELL of an ROI compared to my free content.
#Vibe Right?

Think of this like having a peak behind the Instagram curtain and getting texts from Monica. 

Whether she's sending you wedding dresses, today's energy to 'lock into,' or a video dump from travels... the BTS bubble gets you the MOST access to her. 

In addition to tips, tricks, reminders, hacks, and mindset shifts, you'll also get a quarterly Q+A with Monica as well as snippets from her book (due to come out in 2024)

This year (2023), you can expect multiple trips to Europe, a BTS look at my Australia event, wedding planning galore, the BTS of the book launching process, a first look at new programs and masterclasses that are releasing, a European Christmas, epic Q+As, my favorite skincare, recipes and clothing and so much more. 

Everything posted in the BTS bubble is beyond what is shared on social media, so you can expect to up-level, have energy shifts, and expand your possibilities continuously.

You always get the first look on things, and you get the extra stuff Monica doesn't post on Instagram stories anymore. It's kinda a no-brainer! 

Things to note:

Once you buy your monthly subscription, you will get a link on the confirmation page. Your payments are automatic, so if your payment fails, you will be given a 1 day grace period to make the payment, or you will be removed from the group. 

Please also note that there are no refunds, and by paying for this service, you are agreeing to these terms. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please email support@monicayateshealth.com.

You know my vibe from my Instagram and podcast, so don’t think too deeply about it. It’s $27 per month… less than you spend on coffee!!

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