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Men & Money Bundle

Our relationship with love, money, receivership, and being led is the same energy. So by hitting this at all angles, you can receive the best results.

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Money, Manifestations, & Men really all go

  • Do you feel like you’re always saying “where are all the good men?”
  • Do you get angry and bitter towards your partner when he doesn’t do something you’ve asked him, and in your head you’re like “but I’m not surprised”?
  • Have you been manifesting some epic shit but you’re feeling a bit stagnant?
  • Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t know how to keep hitting new levels?
  • Are you in need of some abundant VIBES to raise your frequency?
  • Do you find yourself believing the worst about men?
  • Are you sick of feeling confused about men and what they are talking about and/or intending?
  • Do you feel like you’re doing the ‘right’ things with manifestation, but you’re not seeing the results?
To manifest the life of your dreams

Men & Money Bundle


Women hold wounds about having it all. We think that if we have a lot of money, we won’t also have a delicious relationship with a man. We think that the more we call into our lives, the more our relationships will suffer. But that’s not the truth.

Men & Money Bundle
Men & Money Bundle

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

To feel like in order for you to have your dream life you have to work hard and burn yourself out? - And I know you’re CRAVING for him to rise into his leadership, both physically, mentally, and emotionally in the relationship.

We are becoming accustomed in society to shaming men and the masculine. Thinking that putting them down and emasculating them will get us what we want. And no surprise, we are left feeling empty and helpless.

In order for us to receive our manifestations, we need to re-code our body to let men lead, and stop putting them down.

When you trust and love men, you will be able to receive more and surrender in your feminine to the universe.

so, now what?

The ceilings need to be broken not just by journalling and having our money mantras, but looking at where else we are blocking ourselves from receiving in our life. By having access to the Men and Money Bundle, you will be able to train your body to quantum leap, receive, break the ceilings, embody your wealth, expand your receivership, hold more, understand men, heal your relationship with the masculine, and receive more in your feminine. Over the past 3 years, I’ve continued to blow my own mind with what I’ve called into my life. I’ve condensed time and I’ve received things with ease I didn’t know existed.
  • In this bundle, you get full access to Magic, Money and Manifestation Level 2, as well as Be a Lover, Not a Mother.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to join the LIVE wealth healing and upgrade call, PLUS a BLNM Q&A, and come to the live re-recordings of Modules 1 and 2 in BLNM.
  • Some of the things manifested include (but not limited to):
  • Beautiful, fun, delicious relationships with men. Dream holidays, soul friendships, twinflames, dream apartments and homes to live in, and refunds on things that I likely wasn’t going to get a refund on (hello plane ticket home from Paris). My business to just keep growing and up-leveling faster than I ever thought. Amazing relationships and connections. My DREAM NYC apartment (against all odds because of legal issues in NYC).
  • MMM2 is the level beyond the basics. Get ready to break your manifestation and money ceilings and receive MORE. This course is not just teachings about manifesting and money, this course is being in the VIBRATION of Monica’s frequency.
Through the art of receiving, I have not only called in money and success, I’ve also called in love, relationships, opportunities, my twin flame, dream homes…you name it. Because when it comes to manifestation, it’s not just about visualizing and thinking about what you want. You need to be able to receive. And many women these days, cannot receive from men, they do not let them lead and yet they want to be cherished and adored. 
  • BLNM is the program, for you to finally feel empowered around letting men lead. You will feel so fucking turned on in letting go. You will drop your need to be a control freak and learn how to support your man (or future man) in rising.
  • This is supporting not just you, but also the men in your life so they stop feeling suppressed and like they need to shut down their experiences.
  • It’s complex these days. The blurred lines of what’s acceptable and what is taken the wrong way. Men are struggling. They are afraid of crossing the blurred lines and with every women being so different they never know what they are walking into
  • Whether you are dating, single, in a long term relationship or wanting to learn how to just receive from men day-to-day, this program is for you.

we get to have it all

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What to look forward to

  • Immediate access to MMM level 2 and all its content which you can view here
  • Joining the live Wealth healing and upgrade call + Q&A – held in PARIS
  • Immediate access to Be a Lover, Not a Mother and all it’s content which you can view here
  • Access to the *live* re-recordings of module 1 & 2 of BLNM – held in Italy. 
  • Joining 60 min *live* Q+A for BLNM in July to answer all your questions from the content
  • If you already have BLNM, you can buy the live call for $222 – just check your emails for the link as it’s been emailed to you. The new recorded modules 1 and 2 will be uploaded to Kajabi later for you to watch. 

It's not money OR love. It's both. Money AND love.

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By having a wounded relationship with men, the flow on affect is that you block money, success, growth, opportunities and big manifestations.
Why? Because how you show up in one area of life, is how you show up in all.

And importantly, love and manifestations both need to be received. So if you have a wounded relationship and story about men, how can you receive? Your manifestations are being given (masculine) to you and you need to receive (feminine) them.

So when you work on receiving from men, the flow on affect is being about to receive more from the universe.

To be in receivership is to be in the most natural state of being as a woman. It is "how we magnetism our dreams to us" with so much ease. So by working not just on understanding manifestation, but going deeper and healing your relationship with the masculine, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

You’ll be having more delicious relationships with men (both romantic and platonic), and you’ll be receiving more of the manifestations that you’ve been dreaming about for so long. I’m all about getting your the BEST results, and this is going to do it. PLUS, who doesn’t want a live call in Paris for MMM level 2, and BLNM module 1 to be re-recorded in Rome. Um YES.


Men & Money Bundle