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Lockdown 2.0 IG Lives

  • WHAT
    IG lives to help support you in staying grounded, being in your body and navigating this really hard time.
  • When
  • Where
    These will be held on my Instagram between 2-4pm London time on Saturday’s AND Sunday’s over the month of November. Exact times will be announced the morning of.

Answer these for me...

Are you feel anxious and like your chest is tight?

Does it kinda freak you out when you turn on the radio?

Are you worried about money and your future?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Do you just feel fucking stressed and on edge?

Are all your fears coming up and you are not sure how to deal with them?

Are you going through waves of emotion right now?

Do you feel a bit alone and isolated?

Would you like to erase these things?

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Would you like to feel...

More calm and grounded?

High vibe and positive?

Secure and sure of yourself?

Confident in the chaos?

At peace and ease?

Anxiety free?

Is that a YES YES YES?!

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This is NOT a time for scarcity

Whilst it can seem hard for our brains, we need to stay in high vibration

You need to keep being a match for miracles

You need to stay in alignment

You need to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance

And you need to release your stress

I’m not going to lie, this is a challenging time and I go through waves of emotion. But one thing that I do know to be true, is that I am not available for this to affect my life or business in a negative way.

We need to pivot, you need to pivot.

What will you achieve?

Tools to navigate this time

I will be giving you tools that you can continue to implement during these upcoming weeks/months ahead.

Having a more grounded energy

In order for you to stay in alignment, you need to stay grounded. This will help you in doing so.

Trust and surrender

You will be able to trust and surrender more so that you are not on edge as much and you can release tension from your body

Staying in an abundance mindset

There is a lot of fear around money right now, and that is just going to attract more scarcity! Let’s stay a match for LOTS of abundance.


SAT 7TH: Live coaching to address fears for this lockdown and I WILL PICK some of you to COME ON the live with me!

SUN 8TH: Meditation + setting your week up with purpose and passion

SAT 14TH: Inner peace spell (supplies in an upcoming slide)

SUN 15TH: Meditation + setting your week up with purpose and passion

SAT 21ST: How to use oracle cards for guidance and support during this time (supplies coming up

One blue candle for the inner peace spell


These oracle cards if you want to have the same ones as me for the demo

What is this about?

Over the next few weeks whilst we are in lockdown 2.0 in Europe, I will be holding multiple different IG lives for different topics to help support you through this shitty fucking time.

Please watch my Instagram stories as I will announce most details over there. Make sure to turn my notifications “on” so that you will be notified when I go live.

Why come?

To stay connected!

Watching Instagram lives is great, but actually being able to see the faces of women around the whole world all coming together will FILL your body with so much love — and THAT will allow you to stay a vibrational match for your dreams!

Because you have time

You have the time and space…so let’s do some fucking healing shall we! Enough of using the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ because now you have LOTS of it.

To keep your relationships thriving

Let’s be real…being in a house for 2+ weeks with your partner/roommates/best friend/family is going to be tough … and it’s VITAL that you stay in a good headspace for the sake of your relationships…just think how good you’ll feel after this!





Love from previous circles...