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Do you have low progesterone?

Do you have low progesterone?
Mmmmmm, progesterone. It should literally be like that; calming, relaxing and soothing. That’s the point of this hormone. However, most women don’t reap these benefits because they have low progesterone, which is often packaged with the 2 for 1 bargain of high estrogen too. A mix that you really do NOT want. Let me explain why…. Progesterone counterbalances estrogen and helps prevent breast cancer, boost thyroid hormone, keeps your nervous system calm, reduces inflammation, builds muscle, promotes sleep and lightens your period (your period shouldn’t be too light though!). Basically, is the pretty much the opposite to estrogen. However, due to our modern world, many women (including my old self) are low in progesterone because their cortisol is so high. In order for your body to make cortisol, it has to tap into your progesterone stores because it is the precursor to cortisol. So as your cortisol increases, your progesterone decreases, and you feel more anxious/stressed and more cortisol is released and it’s a fricken circle of DOOOOOOOMMM. Just kidding, I can help. Whilst progesterone deficiency can be tied to many different health issues, which I won’t go into right now, here are some of the most common symptoms of low progesterone:
  • You know when your period is about to come because you look like a puffa fish (fluid retention), you look 6 months pregnant from bloating, your cramps are pretty damn horrible and/or you are anxious AF or depressed.
  • Your cycles are short- less than 26 days
  • You get angry at the most random things. Like this is legit you:
  • Your weight fluctuates throughout your cycle
  • Your sleep is disrupted
  • You turn into a monster in the second half of your cycle and your boyfriend/husband is walking around on eggshells Exhibit A:
  • You’re missing your period
The good news is that we can fix it and relatively quickly with a combo of lifestyle, diet, and supplements you’ll be well on your way to loving your cycle a bit more! My top tips are reducing stress (both internal and external), eating sweet potato, unblocking emotional blockages, increasing vitamin C and taking Vitex. If this sounds like you and you need help navigating the murky waters, email me or book in for a strategy session and we can fix you right up (and educate you) FOR LIFE (band-aids in the MYHealth HQ)!