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Cacao and Convos: The beginners guide to adaptogens

Cacao and Convos: The beginners guide to adaptogens

Today we’re talking all about adaptogens with Lisa from Holy Mountain. To all my stressed out ladies, you don’t want to miss this one!!

We cover:

  • What adaptogens are
  • How adaptogens help you + interact with your nervous system
  • Who adaptogens are for + those who shouldn’t take them
  • The history behind how adaptogens came to be
  • The best way to take adaptogens
  • A fabulous herb for the liver + energy flow
  • All about alcohol and herbs
  • Top adaptogens for your cycle and stress
  • Best herbs for sleep
  • Correlation between your liver + glowing skin
  • The time it generally takes to see results from adaptogens
  • Difference between herbs, adaptogens, and mushrooms

+ a Discount code for you ladies!

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